NCIS: 2.22, SWAKNCIS: 5.07, A blast from the PastNCIS: 7.01, The Miracle RescueNCIS: 7.04, Stick itNCIS: 8.01, Don't mess with familyNCIS: All Characters, Unique and SpecialNCIS: GibbsNCIS: Kelly Gibbs, A Little AngelNCIS: Los AngelesNCIS:LA: 1x15 - The Bank JobNCIS:LA: 1x20 - FameNCIS:LA: 2x09 - AbsolutionNCIS:LA: 2x10 - DeliveranceNCIS:LA: 2x11 - DisorderNCIS:LA: 2x17 - PersonalNCIS:LA: 3x16, Blye, K. (1)NCIS:LA: 3x17, Blye, K. (2)NCIS:LA: 3x22, Neighborhood WatchNCIS:LA: Beale, EricNCIS:LA: Callen, G.NCIS:LA: Eric, Kensi, Deeks, Callen, Sam, Nell, HettyNCIS:LA: Hanna, SamNCIS:LA: Jones, NellNCIS:LA: Kensi BlyeNCIS:LA: Kensi Blye and Marty DeeksNCIS:LA: Kensi Blye, Marty Deeks, G. Callen, Sam HannaNCIS:LA: Lange, HenriettaNCIS:LA: Marty Deeks

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